Do I Get a Business Card With That?

You are looking at (or reading) the new correspondent for the Globe West - a biweekly regional section of the Boston Globe. It is not a staff position, but a full time freelancing gig, so essentially I'm getting paid pennies to do a shit ton of work without health insurance. In exchange, I get my byline in the Globe. I am covering the towns of Hudson, Berlin, Marlborough and Northborough. Country Mouse covers the city take one.


I Have Arrived

Now that I am an official Bostonista, it is time to resume the blog. Things accomplished in my first five days: found a free Sunday morning yoga class, got assigned another article with the Phoenix (this time on the economic benefits of buying local holiday gifts), ate North End pizza, bargained at the Haymarket and ventured to City Hall for my parking pass, which really makes me legitimate. Despite all this city-scoping, I still do miss Vineyard life, especially - and in no particular order - sixty cent cokes from the Gazette vending machine, beach walks at sunset, pumpkin beer at Offshore Ale and tomatoes picked for dinner from my own plant. To that end, I have a pot of chives in my kitchen and recently bought a six-pack of pumpkin beer from Trader Joe's. Still working on the beach walks...
I am on the hunt for freelance work and, in the mean time, would welcome care packages and fan mail at 123 Sutherland Road, Apt. J, Brighton, MA 02135.


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Two weeks and counting

It's been a good ride. Started out as a freelancer, was hired as an intern, then came on as a full-time beat reporter and later Calendar Editor and Features Writer at the Vineyard Gazette. The paper is award-winning, the New Yorker of small town papers. But, after two-plus years, it is time to say goodbye and now I am entering the two-week stretch. My replacement had his first day today and I changed my mailing address. Here goes the country mouse into the big city. Stay tuned.